In today’s work environment, employers are constantly looking for ways to reduce health care expenses and improve the general welfare of their employees. A cost-effective and fun way to do this is to conduct employee wellness events, colloquially known as Health Fairs. These events allow the company to gather valuable health and demographic information for disease prevention, to educate employees, and to help them recognize and manage their own health issues.

In conjunction with your individualized Health Fair, Physicians Quality Care OCCMed, in compliance with HIPAA and privacy regulations, will compile your employees’ health information into a generalized corporate health report to allow you to identify and manage health problems within your organization.  

A sampling of the services we can offer at your Health Fair is below. Call today and discuss your Health Fair goals and needs with one of our occupational medicine specialists. 

  • A general health risk assessment
  • Cholesterol screening
  • Blood pressure screening
  • Biometrics
  • Cardiovascular risk assessment
  • Cancer screening
  • Immunizations (including flu shots)
  • Any requested laboratory services and tests
  • Education and training sessions
  • Reduce medical costs - Our on-site clinics & health care plan save employers money

Let us help start a wellness program

As soon as the holidays are over, many of us want to start losing weight. This is a perfect time to start a wellness program with the help of Physicians Quality Care OCCMed.

Employees who participate will feel better, look better and be healthier. It will even lower your company’s medical costs and the use of sick days.

Our services include everything from exercise and diet initiatives to stop smoking and other educational classes on healthy lifestyles.

Contact Jennifer Carmack at or 731.984.8400. Let’s get started today!