April 16 Update

OCCMed COVID-19 App helps you maintain safe work environment

Physician Quality Care OCCMed’s COVID Awareness Program is designed to help you give your employees a healthy work environment during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Awareness Program – a free, remote and real-time monitoring of your employees for the COVID-19 virus – comes in the form of a HIPAA-compliant app that employees download to their smartphones, tablets or computers.

The app – which can be customized for your work environment – can be presented to your employees as a product you have developed with their safety in mind.

“It’s a win-win situation,” said OCCMed Director Jennifer Carmack. “You are showing your employees that you are concerned about their health and want to keep them safe, while you are also doing due diligence to potentially keep the coronavirus out of your workplace and your industry or business open.”

More information about the program:

  • Each day – or as often as necessary – the employee uses the app to enter data, such as their blood pressure and temperature, and answer a few simple medical questions.
  • This information is then reviewed by a medical professional. Any data or answers that fall outside of accepted parameters are flagged, and a medical professional will call the employee to discuss the next step.
  • If an employee is recommended to receive COVID-19 testing, he or she will be closely monitored.
  • Employees also will get a phone call if they haven’t logged in to the app within a 48-hour window.
  • The customized app can include your logo, website and questions that pertain to your company.
  • The app can be individually-customized for your company to ask relevant questions for your specific work environment.
  • Employees can easily document with you that they are sick by opting in to share the coronavirus information with their employer.
  • The app can generate reports for you, such as the number of employees who have enrolled in the program, have been tested for the virus or have the virus.
  • Each employee will also have the option to include every member of his or her household at no extra cost.
  • The app is available in both iOS and Android versions. 
  • This potentially limits your legal exposure during this pandemic because you are offering employees the ability to identify the coronavirus as early as possible and limit their exposure to others.
  • The app will be on a dedicated server just for industry to be able to handle the numbers of people who will be participating in the program.

Companies interested in signing up for the program should contact Carmack at 731-984-8400 or jennifer@physiciansqualitycare.com.

April 15 Update

OCCMed COVID-19 App Monitors Employees' Health

Physicians Quality Care OCCMed is now offering free remote, real-time COVID-19 monitoring for your employees.

Companies who sign up for the unique program will be given access to a HIPAA-compliant COVID-19 app that employees can download to their smartphone, tablet or computer.  Each day – or as necessary – the employee will enter data, such as his or her temperature, and answer medical questions, which are then reviewed by a medical professional.

Any values or symptoms that fall outside of accepted parameters will be flagged, and the employee will receive a call from a medical professional to discuss the next step.

“We’re offering this at no charge to either the company or the individual,” said Jennifer Carmack, OCCMed Director. “We want to do our part to help contain this virus and to safeguard our vital industrial base. Besides, it’s simply the right thing to do. We want to identify those who might potentially have the virus as early as possible.”

Each employee is also encouraged to sign up each member of his or her family at no extra cost. The app is available for both Apple and Android platforms.

If your company is interested in signing up for the program at no charge, contact Jennifer Carmack at 731-984-8400 or jennifer@physiciansqualitycare.com.

Special COVID-19 Newsletter

March 26 Update

Protecting your workforce from COVID-19

Now that we have our COVID-19 facility up and running for those COVID-19 patients already showing symptoms, we can turn our attention to the task of protecting your workforce at large.

West Tennessee Healthcare’s guidelines prevent them from testing anyone unless they meet strict CDC guidelines; unfortunately, this does nothing to identify patients who are asymptomatic yet contagious for seven days or longer.

But we can.

If you have an employee at high risk – someone with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or pulmonary disease including COPD and asthma, for example – our medical staff can evaluate, test, treat and reassure. We can also help employees who are simply overly concerned – perhaps they have an elderly family member at home or are just unable to function because of anxiety about the pandemic.

We cannot perform “drive through” screenings or test entire populations (such as all of your employees) because it would unnecessarily strain a health care system that is already operating at near 100 percent capacity. But, we are able to test anyone who is symptomatic, at high risk, has a family member at high risk, or has had a known exposure. We can also test any asymptomatic individuals who are particularly anxious and concerned about their health.

Call us at 731-984-8400, either in advance or when your employee pulls into our parking lot, and our nurse will meet them at their car, mask them, and then escort them into our secure COVID-19 facility. There, a complete history will be taken, concerns will be addressed, and an appropriate physical exam will be performed. 

We will test for other more common treatable illnesses that can mimic COVID-19, such as influenza, strep and RSV, and we will obtain those results before the patient leaves. We will also obtain a specimen for submission to a CDC-approved national reference lab to perform a specific test for the COVID-19 coronavirus. We will instruct the patient/employee to return home and self-quarantine while awaiting test results, which is usually a minimum of five days. By doing this, we hope to help prevent this potentially serious illness from crippling your workforce. 

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. Give me a call at our office, (731) 984-8400 or on my cell, (731) 217-7711, or email me.

Kind Regards,
Jennifer Carmack
OCCMed Director

March 20 Update

Important information concerning your company and COVID-19 Coronavirus

We take the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic very seriously, but even during this stressful time business must go on. Physicians Quality Care has established separate clinics in our one Jackson location.

Beginning Monday, all OCCMed clients and workers’ comp patients will be seen in our newly opened OCCMed facility on the north side of our building and will have no contact with presumed COVID-19 patients or with any other patients who might be contagious. No patients with any infectious illness will be seen in our OCCMed facility to safeguard your workforce and still allow business to continue as usual.

We know your business doesn’t stop during these troubling times and we are here, not only to help you press through, but to ensure the health and safety of your employees. If you have any questions whatsoever, please give me a call at our office, (731) 984-8400 or on my cell, (731) 217-7711, or email me.

Kind Regards,
Jennifer Carmack
OCCMed Director