Independent fund set up to help those in need

COVID-19 is not an equal opportunity virus. It disproportionately affects those least able to deal with it: the elderly and people with chronic medical conditions.

Fortunately, many — if not most of these people — have a solid support system. But some do not. A fund has been established to assist those in greatest need: those who may find themselves without essential medications, sufficient food in their pantry or basic utilities.

The fund is administered by an independent community group, NOT Physicians Quality Care.

This added stress of simply making it day to day may actually become the tipping point that leads people to serious illness and hospitalization.

In these difficult times they need our financial help. If your company has discretionary funds that you can turn back into our community, we humbly ask for your support. Contact or give her a call at 731-984-8400 to see how you can make a difference in the lives of those who have made such a difference to us.