Help employees manage diabetes at work

Diabetes is on the rise in the United States; more than 22 million workers have the disease now, and the numbers are rising. Absence from work due to type 2 diabetes, in particular, costs employers over $20 billion every year.

Diabetes is a chronic condition that essentially prevents the body from breaking down glucose into energy, often resulting in the need for medication (including injections) and testing blood sugar levels throughout the day.

While many people can manage their diabetes without it impacting their work performance, employers should know that if an employee is unable to check his or her blood sugar or take insulin when needed, he or she runs the risk of getting weak, dizzy or potentially losing consciousness. 

Employers are encouraged to offer time and privacy for diabetics to monitor their glucose levels. It also may be helpful to create storage space for insulin supplies.

Programs on healthy eating and exercising will help all employees, and diabetics, in particular.               

Source: OSHA