In the early 20th century, a new medical specialty called “Occupational Medicine” emerged to help employers select job applicants who were physically qualified for a job and to treat injured workers so they could return to work quickly. Eventually, industrial medicine expanded to include a broader range of services and created the foundation for what is known today as Occupational Medicine.

Building upon this tradition, Physicians Quality Care OCCMed, with its team of highly trained physicians, nurses, and certified testing personnel, continues to set new standards in providing complete Occupational Medicine services to the area’s industrial base. Our new state-of-the-art, 11,000-square-foot facility located in Jackson’s Columns is available to treat your employees’ acute medical problems. Whether it’s laceration repair, a musculoskeletal strain, a broken bone, or almost any other non-life-threatening illness or injury, our clinical staff is up to the task. In addition, we communicate all pertinent information to your designated representative in real-time, while your employee is still in our office, then follow with a detailed written report by fax or email, usually the same day.

But the difference doesn’t end there. OCCMed understands the regulatory maze your business faces and the difficulty of staying compliant. Our professionals can coordinate all your testing and educational requirements and, with our 36-foot mobile unit, can perform most testing and teaching services at your jobsite with minimal inconvenience to your employees and little disruption to your schedule. Of course, all our programs can be customized to meet your company’s individual needs.